Cornelia Davis

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Cornelia Davis

Cornelia Davis has been working in IT systems for several decades with the last 10 years focused on DevOps platforms. She was part of the team that brought Cloud Foundry to the industry—both the open source project and the Pivotal CF product. In the last 5+ years, she has applied her container-centric systems experience to Kubernetes-based developer platforms. Most recently, she has brought newly emerging GitOps practices into those systems.

Cornelia currently serves on the Technical Oversight Committee of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and was one of the founding members of the OpenGitops project (currently in the CNCF sandbox).

An industry veteran with almost three decades of experience in image processing, scientific visualization, distributed systems and web application architectures, as well as cloud native platforms, Cornelia holds the B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from California State University, Northridge, and further studied theory of computing and programming languages at Indiana University. She is the author of the book, Cloud Native Patterns: Designing Change-Tolerant Software.


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